Things To Understand About Unisex Fashion Before Buying

Things to understand about unisex fashion

In the past, clothing is the identity of a person. Not only on the colors and the outfit type but also on the styling as well. However, as times go by, fashion as growth and create unisex fashion. Even though it has become a common thing, there are still things to understand about unisex fashion especially before buying. It is anticipation so that people do not buy and use the wrong outfit.

Women in the past should use dresses with feminist colors such as baby pink, purple or floral patterns. As for men, they could use pants and ties, with neutral colors such as grey, navy blue, and others. When taking about unisex fashion, it does not mean that men could use dresses in their daily outfit. Unisex fashion is about the outfit that could be used by both men and women without violating nature. However, men could still use pink clothes as same as women could use blue colors. Here are some things to understand about unisex fashion before buying.

1. The Outfit Model

Unisex fashion is about outfit models that could be used whether for women and men. Not talking about dresses that could be used by men. But instead, it is about clothes that the model is the same for women and men. Usually, these kinds of clothes would use a general size and cutting style. The examples of the outfits are t-shirt, pants, jeans, shirts, polos, suits, and others. The great thing about using unisex clothes is that couples or siblings could share the same outfit with each other.

2. The Color of the Clothes

The next things to understand about unisex are the choice and use of colors. In the past, soft cute colors such as pink, rose gold, and purple is identic with women. While for men are blue, black, and gray. But those are old fashion. Nowadays, not only for unisex fashion, people could use any colors they want. Moreover, women nowadays often use dark colors as well.

3. Unisex Footwear

Fashion is not only about the outfits, but also about the footwear as well. There is much unisex footwear now that are available. What makes it different is the foot size between men and women. Which men usually have bigger sizes. Unisex footwears are usually sneakers, sandals, slippers, and others. Unisex footwears are in several models. Starting from sporty, casual, and more.

4. Accessories

The other things to understand about unisex are the accessories. While people taught that accessories are about items for women, nowadays there are accessories that are for both genders. For example, there are now many kinds of necklaces and bracelets that men could wear. What makes it unisex is because of the model and the material. Moreover, hats, belt, tie, and others are also accessories that both genders could use.

5. Hairstyles

Still in unisex fashion, hairstyles are now a fashion that men and women take care of. While more men now have long hairs, not a little woman has short hairs with a sporty or masculine style. Moreover, now there are a lot of men hairstylist that specialize in women’s style.

The things to understand about unisex fashion are not about using clothes that are made for another gender. Whereas it is about clothes that are specially made for both genders. However, there are also some models that now that women could wear men’s models and the opposite.