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Out Of The Norm Clothing That Is Not Suitable For Everyday Life

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out of the norm clothing

Clothing is a tool for humans to cover their bodies. In addition to protecting the skin from sun exposure, it turns out clothing can also give its own impression to those who wear it. Therefore, many clothing models exist in the community. But there are some out of the norm clothing that is quite strange and strange to be used as follows.

1. Men’s Clothing with Brocade

Brocade generally is for women’s clothing. But this time the man used the cloth for his clothes. What is unique is the transparent fabric and has motifs with striking colors that are made directly as a shirt and not an additional fabric. Of course, male body parts are clearly visible and not suitable for everyday use.

2. Transparent Long Pants

Out of the norm clothing next is transparent trousers. These pants use materials with thick plastic and transparent color. Actually, the main function of pants is to protect the feet from sun exposure. Because of that, usually, people who use these pants are just clothing.

3. Jeans with Mud

Jeans have a thick enough material that will make you trouble when washing it. But you certainly never imagined if your favorite jeans exposed to mud stains. Model clothes that are quite strange this time are jeans with mud stains. In general, people will not like to wear dirty pants, but this time it was used as fashion.

4. Ripped Denim Jacket

In general, denim jackets have the same model as other jackets. It’s just that the jacket uses denim material that is quite thick and similar to jeans. Strangely, people deliberately make this fashion jacket with a hole in the shoulder. Therefore the jacket only works for fashion.

5. Shirt with Holes

Another out of the norm clothing is a shirt with many holes. In the past, people were very avoiding holes in their clothes. This is very different from today which makes the holes as fashionable. The fashion of the shirt is that there are quite a number of big holes in almost all parts that cover the body parts. This clothing is not recommended for women because it is very open.

6. Pants and Clothing Tops

The clothes that are quite strange next are oversized jeans so that they also become fashion tops. Actually this outfit is pretty cool it’s just not appropriate to use on formal occasions. These large jeans are given strap accents on the left and right to support the shoulders. In the end, the clothes will look like overalls.

7. Blazer Combination of Jeans

The next out of the norm clothing is a blazer combination of jeans. People usually use the Blazers when attending important or formal events. Usually, blazers use just one color to give the impression of a formal and elegant. However, there are fashion fashions that combine blazers with jeans. Even so, people can not use blazer for formal events.

That was 7 out of the norm clothing which is quite strange for everyday use. Indeed, the fashion trend now is more and more diverse. And there are some people who can accept these fashions.