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Men’s Formal Shirt Collar Types Every Man Should Know

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men's formal shirt collar types

Talking about fashion, usually, women know better than men. However, men should also know and be up to date with men’s fashion, especially the formal look. Men could ignore fashion but when it comes to a formal look, they should pay attention. They do not want to show up in a meeting or other formal occasion with the wrong outfit. One of the items that men should know is the men’s formal shirt collar types.

There are many kinds of men’s formal shirt collar type. Even though men could use any type on any occasion, but they should know the types. Who knows that one day, people would invite them to a special event that they have to use a specific dress shirt collar. Moreover, knowing it also could help them to know which types suites them best. So here are some of the types of formal shirt collar that men should know:

1. Buttondown Collar

The first type is the buttondown collar. It is a formal shirt collar that uses an extra small button on each point of the collar. Those buttons are for stylish and for a practical look. Moreover, it could also lock the tie around the neck so it does not move too much. This style was famous since the 1800s from England. In the past, academic boys usually use this style. But now all over the world use this style, especially in the suits and ties, look.

2. Tab Collar

Another men’s formal shirt collar types are the tab collar. This style would also use an extra button but underneath the most top button. The button would be slightly near the first button and also smaller. It would keep the collar flat and neat around the neck. Moreover, it would also neat the tie’s position as well. This collar type is perfect to give men a classy neat look. However, do not use this collar type without a tie. Otherwise, people would see the little extra button which they are not supposed to.

3. Eyelet Collar

The next formal collar type is the eyelet collar. For daily look, usually, men would not use this kind of look. But when they do, they would look sophisticated and classy at the same time. Eyelet collar is a type of collar that uses an extra accessory that is pinned on both the collar’s point. The extra accessories are formed in many shapes and colors. As for the accessories, sometimes it comes with or without the shirt.

4. Band Collar

The next men’s formal shirt collar type is the band collar. It is the simplest collar type that men could wear. However, it does give a less formal look. The collar is short with just a neckband. As for the collar’s points, well it does not have one. Moreover, with this type men would not need to use ties.

5. Straight Collar

The last type of collar that is most used and popular is the straight collar. Men could use it with or without a tie at work. Moreover, men could also use this collar for any events. Starting from weddings to work.

 So, those are the men’s formal shirt collar type that men should know. Try to recheck the wardrobe and see how many types of collars are in. Men might be surprised by how less they have.