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Fashion Tips On How To Hide Big Bust You Should Know

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how to hide big bust

Having a big bust is the dream of women.  But sometimes some women feel uncomfortable, and interfere with the appearance.  Having large breasts becomes the center of attention of men, when in public places.  So, what’s the solution? Learn the following tips on how to hide big bust, namely:

1. Wear Loose Clothes

The first tip on how to hide big bust is to wear loose clothes.  Loose clothing will not shape the body that can attract the attention of men.  Loose clothes will also make you more free to move.

Wearing loose clothes will disguise the size of your breasts.  You will not feel uncomfortable anymore in public places. Loose-sized clothes can also make you look slim for the fat body, and look filled for the thin body.

2. Using a bra that does not use foam

The second tip is you can try not to wear a bra that uses foam.  Because this type of bra will make your breasts look even bigger.

Wear a bra that fits the size.  Not too big, nor too small. You will not feel tight due to a small brasier or feel uncomfortable because of an oversized bra.  Therefore, using a bra that fits your size can make you more flexible.

3. Wearing a Scarf

If the first and second tips have been run, then you can try the third tips by using a scarf. A scarf will make your appearance look fashionable besides being one of how to hide big bust.

Scarf motifs are very diverse that can adjust to your taste.  So having a lot of scarves can add to your fashion collection to mix and match with your clothing collection. Besides, it can function to disguise your big bust.

4. Do not Use Clothes made from T-shirt

Clothing made from T-shirts will make your body look visible.  Therefore, for those of you who want to disguise your big bust.  Try not to use this type of clothing.

If you are forced to wear clothes made from T-shirts, both for work or not.  Try to use a shirt with a larger size, that does not fit in the body.  And try to wear Inner, to disguise the size of your bust. Thus you do not need to worry about the size of your bust

5. Do not Wear Accessories around the Chest.

How to hide big bust is to not use excessive accessories around the chest.  For example using necklaces, brooches, pin, stones that adorn the clothes around the chest.  This can attract more attention to the size of your bust.

Wearing excessive accessories can invite attention to the area around the chest.  Excessive accessories can also make you look fatter and older.  This one thing women always avoid.  Women always want to look slim and stay young.  Therefore, you must know the rules of using fashion, which is one way to hide the big bust.  Use appropriate accessories, with a simple shape around the chest.  So you can still cover up the shortcomings and still look fashionable.

Those are some appropriate tips as a way how to hide big bust.  Hopefully, these tips can help those of you who are confused to cover these shortcomings.