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4 Ways How To Choose The Right Bra Size That Woman Should Consider

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how to choose the right bra size

Every woman has known about the feeling of wearing the wrong size of a shirt, including a bra. Having the wrong size of bra is very uncomfortable on whatever the kind of bra. Even we wear an expensive or good material of bra, it will be uncomfortable and get pain if we wear the wrong bra size. Therefore, choosing the right size of bra is very important. However, when we are choosing a bra in a store, it is impossible to try the bra in order to know whether we choose the right size or not. thus, we need special ways about how to choose the right bra size.

1. Knowing Your Band Size Clearly

In order to get the right size of bra, we need to know our band size clearly. By knowing the band size, we can determine the band size of our bra. How to check the band size? To measure your band size, you need a tape measure. Put the tape measure around your torso. Then, you should make sure that the tape measure is snug. After that, look at the number on the last point of the tape measure. If your band size is 32, it means that your bra size should be 36. If your band size is 33, it means your bra size is 38.

2. Measure Your Bust Size

After measuring the band size, the second step is by knowing your bust size. The way to measure the bust is almost the same as measuring the band size. You can use the tape measurement and put it around your chest, precisely at the top of your chest or nipple position. Then, you should look at the number at the tip.

3. Knowing Your Cup Size

The third way about how to choose the right bra size is by knowing your cup size. Every bra has a different cup with different sizes. Therefore, to get the right size of bra, we need to know our cup size to measure the right cup of the bra. We can know the cup size after measuring the size of the band and the bust. If your band size is 34 inches and the bust is 37 inches, thus the right cup size of your bra is 34C.

4. Look At Your Sideways In The Mirror While Buying The Bra

After determining your bra size but you are still worrying whether the size is right or wrong, you can look at your sideways in the mirror while buying the bra. The right bra size must fit between your shoulder and elbows. Looking at yourself correctly. However, if you are still confused, you may try the bra outside your shirt in the fitting room.

To sum up, whatever the material and the price of the bra, it can get pain or uncomfortable feeling while wearing if the bra is on the wrong size. Thus, we need to determine the right size before deciding to buy the bra. You may determine the size first before determining the design and the style. Therefore, follow these rules on how to choose the right bra size.