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The Pros And Cons Of “Do School Uniforms Make Schools Better?”

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do school uniforms make schools better

Shirt, short pants, and tie are for the boys, while pleated skirts are for the girls. Those are commonly chosen as school uniforms in many countries. The government and the schools have an agreement to make this policy to promote equality, unity, and discipline. But some people start to wonder that do school uniforms make schools better? This question came up when they think there is nothing to do with the uniforms and students’ attitudes. So the pros and cons appear to be debated in some areas.

If we see from the school side, the uniforms confirm the school identity. It sticks to every student about the “blood” of their school. However, for the open-minded group, the students’ identity shouldn’t be described through what they wear. It relates to themselves. Here are the other arguments about do school uniforms make schools better or not:

1. Reduce Social Pressure

The uniform encourages students to think of no discrimination. While they are wearing a uniform, they come from the same level. In this case, the uniform policy really gives advantages for a certain social class. Their kids have no pressure to follow the social standard, such as wearing a particular brand. A uniform creates respect from one to the other students.

2. Increase a Pride

As we mentioned above that the uniforms identified the school. Here we can see that the uniforms attached the student to where they study. If the school is popular, has many achievements, and other positive things, every student who wears the uniform will be proud. Contrarily, when the school has a bad impression at the public, the students probably take off the uniform right after the class is over.

3. The Boundary of Expression

As the students wear the same outfit, probably they think of the limitation to express. They should follow only one rule which applied for all. Actually, this is not good for their development. Like the students, they have to have the freedom to express, including in dressing. Wearing the uniform limits their space to show who they really are.

4. Opportunity for Violent Attack

Indeed, uniforms promote equality and unity among the students. But, on the other hand, it eases them to be targeted with the other school’s students. Once the student has a problem with the outside, others easily attack them because they detect through the uniform. It is not safe for themselves. Thus, some people choose not to wear a uniform for their safety reason.

5. Focus for Education

This is one of the issues when debating about do school uniforms make schools better or not. For the schools who applied a uniform, they think could be more focus on education than students’ outfit. The students don’t need to think about what should wear for tomorrow. Instead of thinking about the outfit, they will be more concerned about the schoolwork. While other schools think the uniform policy spends much time rather than thinking about educational improvement. The committee thinks the education system is more important than applying the uniform policy.

Seeing several points of pro and con about do school uniforms make schools better, we might conclude that each school has its own focus. As for the parents, you probably need to involve your kids in choosing their school. If the uniform is one of your kids’ concerns, then have a talk with them about the advantages and the disadvantages.