Rules for Wearing Pearls for Elegant & Beautiful Look

rules for wearing pearls

Every woman has an accessory that they like to wear, whether it is a necklace, bracelet, or earring. Because wearing an accessory will make a woman look more elegant and beautiful at the same time. A type of accessory that many women tend to wear are pearls. Pearls are simple accessories, but they can make you look high class if you wear them the right way. Therefore, make sure you know the rules for wearing pearls and the types to wear.

In the old days, people usually wear pearls for official events like parties. Now, the design of pearls has developed, making them suitable for daily wear. If you are tending to wear pearls for your look, here are some rules for wearing pearls you should consider:

1. Choose the Right Color Pearl

Most people know that pearls are white, but there are other colors than white. There are other colors like light pink, gold, silver, and many more. All colors are great but choose the right color for the right occasion. If you are wearing them for daily-wear, then choose light colors like white, silver or pink. These colors will give you a girly but simple look.

On the other hand, if you want to wear them for parties, you can choose bolder colors like gold or red. This will make your performance look bolder too. However, don’t forget to pay attention to the color of your outfit too.

2. Don’t Use All Pearls

Most women just love to match things up from the top to the bottom. Well, one of the rules for wearing pearls is not by matching them all at once. Especially if the design of the accessories is full pearls. Wearing them together can make them look too overpowering, so it is better to wear once at a time.

However, if you want to wear pearl earrings and necklaces at the same time, choose the simple ones. Therefore, they don’t overlap and make it too over. Pay attention to the length too, to make them look simple and balance.

3. Wear Simple Shirts / Dress

Pearls are elegant, so combine them with something that will make your look more elegant. It is best to wear pearls with a simple plain shirt and jeans. As for party looks, pearls are best to wear with bold plain color dresses. Wearing pattern outfits just doesn’t show your pearls too much.

4. Combine them with Chain Necklace

If you think that one piece of necklace is boring, then why not add some more necklaces to your look. However, rather than just adding pearl necklaces, add some chain plain necklaces too. This will make your look more edgy and fashionable but still high class.

5. Don’t Go to Big

Some people just want others to see their pearls, therefore they wear big pearl accessories. Well, don’t do this because it will just ruin your overall look. Make sure to choose the right size pearl with the right length according to the event. Because wearing something too big or too long will just make the look over too much.

So, even though pearls are great accessories, they can look bad if you don’t wear them correctly. They are also simple but can look over if you wear too much at once. Therefore, make sure to pay attention to the rules for wearing pearls, so that everything looks good.