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The Rules Of Wearing A 3 Piece Suit Men Should Know

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rules of wearing a 3 piece suit

Wearing a suit always makes a man look manlier and better compared to their daily look. Usually, men would only wear suits for certain occasions only, but nowadays men can wear suits on any kind of occasion. The type of event usually will determine the type of suit that they will be wearing. From many types of suits, there are, the 3 piece suit is one of the classic but good looking suits men can wear for many kinds of events. However, to make you look better there are some rules of wearing a 3 piece suit that men should know. 

rules of wearing a 3 piece suit

For those who don’t know, a 3 piece suit is consists of the suit, trousers, and waistcoat. This kind of suit was famous in the old days and now is becoming popular again in this modern era. However, to wear this classical suit in this modern era, you will need to adjust some ways in how you wear them. Here are some of the rules of wearing a 3 piece suit to make you look better:

1. Button Undone

The ways of wearing this suit are just like any other suit you have at home. However, this kind of suit comes with a waistcoat that you will be wearing before the main suit. When you wear this, make sure not to button the last or the bottom button on the waistcoat. Remember that your waistcoat should cover your trouser belt so that it doesn’t show your stomach. However, going to far will make the shape of the waistcoat strange. 

2. Find the Right Fit

One of the important rules of wearing a 3 piece suit is to make sure that the size is right. You will be wearing 3 layers of cloth, therefore make sure it fits the body perfectly. Because if one part of the suit is too big then it will make the other parts look too piled up. Therefore, make sure to always measure all the parts of the suits so it fits well.

3. Choose the Right Fabric

When it comes to a 3 piece suit, make sure to choose the right fabric for your suit. Suits are usually hot, therefore, choose a fabric that is comfortable to wear in hot and cold weather. Make sure the inside of the suit is also comfortable and doesn’t make your body itchy. 

4. Add Accessories

Wearing a 3 piece suit usually makes people old-style, therefore add some accessories to modern up the look. People can wear glasses and add a watch to make the look a bit more young and modern. Don’t forget about the shoes, they don’t have to match the color of the suit though. However, just make sure the color matches the tone of the suit, so it doesn’t go too abstract. 

5. The Inside Shirt

A 3 piece suit will usually come in the same color from the trousers to the suit. Therefore, make sure to wear a different color tone for the shirt. You can wear a matching tone, but make sure the color is not the same as the suit. 

However, there are no certain rules of wearing a 3 piece suit and you can wear them as you like. These rules are just to help you look better when you are a 3 piece suit. Don’t forget to fix your hair and wear some perfume to make them look better. 


5 Tips For Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress According To The Theme Of The Wedding

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tips for finding the perfect wedding dress

One of the things you need to prepare before the wedding is choosing the right wedding dress. Therefore, you need to know the tips for finding the perfect wedding dress according to the theme of the wedding. It is very important so you have a stunning appearance.

tips for finding the perfect wedding dress

There are many models of wedding dresses to choose from. For example, ball gowns, sheath dresses, mermaid dresses, even A-line dresses. However, you should wear a wedding dress that suits your wedding theme. Here are the tips for finding the perfect wedding dress that suits the theme of the wedding:

1. Ball Gown for International Wedding Theme

For weddings held in ballrooms with international themes, of course, you should think of a more elegant wedding dress. You can wear a ball gown with a glam detail. Especially if you really want to have a wedding that is sacred and formal.

Choose a ball gown with a touch of transparent lace on the chest to the skirt. Or, you can also choose to wear a full lace dress with a beautiful gold belt accent. Beautify your look with a curly hairstyle or low bun.

2. Bohemian Dress for a Wedding On The Beach

For you who will plan a wedding on the beach, of course, a bohemian dress is a right choice for you. However, avoid long wedding dresses if you hold a wedding on the beach.

You can also wear dresses with lace or brocade details, but still with a simple model. In addition, the detailed halter dress lace will make your appearance on your happy day look more elegant and beautiful. Or, you can choose a beautiful full lace mini dress.

3. A-Line Dress for Semi-Outdoor Wedding Theme

If you have a wedding planner that is relaxed and only attended by people closest to you, you can wear this dress. Especially if you are holding a wedding in a semi-outdoor place, such as by the pool with an open aisle.

You don’t need to worry about having to wear a dress with extra lace and tulle like a ball gown. A simple choice of A-line dress with halter or straight collar details is enough to give a chic appearance on your wedding day.

4. Mini Dress for a Garden Wedding Party

Forget ball gowns or long wedding dresses for a garden party themed wedding. So, you better choose a midi-cut wedding dress to be more comfortable during the wedding. In addition, you also need to choose a wedding dress that does not have a lot of excessive details.

Choose a midi-cut wedding dress with a touch of lace in bell sleeve detail. if you want a more minimalist look, you can wear a midi dress with a touch of transparent sequins on the chest.

5. Minimalist Wedding Dress for Intimate Wedding Theme

One of the tips for finding the perfect wedding dress is wearing a minimalist wedding dress for a more intimate wedding theme. If you are the type of woman who wants a fancy yet memorable wedding party, this dress is also right for you.

You can wear a midi dress that has white lace details. Or, you can wear a long dress with a plunge neck detail without having many details.

Those are the tips for finding the perfect wedding dress, which suits your wedding theme. These tips can apply when you are confused about choosing what kind of dress to wear. Make your wedding party memorable by wearing the perfect dress.


Top 5 Common Style Mistakes To Avoid In This Decade

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style mistakes to avoid

Everyone wants to have a stylish and trendy look. However, without realizing it, sometimes they wear clothes or accessories that are not appropriate. This is sometimes embarrassing and can lower your confidence. Therefore, you should know about style mistakes to avoid so that you look perfect.

style mistakes to avoid

You should know a few things about style to keep your look attractive without overdoing it. It can make you have a better look. Here are 5 style mistakes to avoid you need to know:

1. Don’t Wear Tights with Open-Toed Footwear

For those of you who like to wear your dress, you must be familiar with tights. Tights can make you more comfortable if you wear a mini dress. Besides, tights can also be as accessories to add to the perfection of your appearance.

However, when you wear tight, avoid using models of sandals or high heels that are open at the front. This is because shoes or high heels with peep toe models require you to expose your toes. So, avoid wearing open-toed footwear when you wear tights.

2. Hot Ironing Your Suit

This is a mistake that is often done by many people, especially men. They often iron suits even though this can permanently damage your suit’s material. Even if you use the Wool setting on your iron, you should still avoid it.

This is because you can stain it with shiny marks on your suit. You should steam your clothes so that your suit has a maintained shape. Also, steaming suits will maintain the quality of the material.

3. Buying a Shirt Without Enough Length

When you buy a shirt, you should measure its length well. This is because you are usually tempted to buy a shirt because it matches your body type. The shirt does not have a length that suits your body.

When you try on a shirt, you can raise your hands. Make sure the length of your shirt is 1-2 inches below the beltline of your pants. Ensuring the length of the shirt is also useful if you want to tuck the shirt at certain times.

4. Don’t Wear Lacy Knickers Under Slinky Fabrics

Skirt models that are popular among women today are slip skirts. This is because a slip skirt can give the impression of your thighs and your butt is slimmer. Besides, the slinky material can make your appearance stand out.

However, you should not wear lace pants when using a skirt with slinky fabric. This is because your lace pants will be very easily seen. Therefore, you should use plain or seamless pants to give a sleek effect on your thighs and butt.

5. Wear A Lot of Accessories

One of the style mistakes to avoid is wearing a lot of accessories. This is because using accessories in dressing should not be excessive. You do not have to wear earrings, a large bracelet plus a few necklaces around the neck to look more stylish.

For bags, you should also choose a minimalist design. However, make sure your bag contains all your important items. Don’t forget to perfect your appearance with a pair of beautiful and elegant shoes.

It turns out that some style mistakes to avoid are easy for you to apply, right? Now you no longer make mistakes in dressing or using accessories. From now on, you should remember the style mistakes so that you don’t do it again.


These Hideous Fashion Trends May Look Familiar for You!

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Hideous fashion trends

The Internet makes everything change so fast, especially in fashion trends. You could see that we use different types of clothes or dress like the generation before. In this world, available some people with a weird taste of fashion. Also, we should be agreed if there also available some hideous fashion trends but it goes viral. Besides, the fashion trends also getting unreasonable because of their poor and senseless taste.

Hideous fashion trends

We will try to write down some of the hideous fashion trends and maybe you will never want to use it. It will be a little bit funny because some of them have a weird look. Also, it can entertain too because maybe you have seen them before but you don’t realize that it is hideous. Here we go!

1. Baggy Jeans

This fashion was famous between 2009 to 2012 and you should see this one near you. Well, this is the most cringe fashion for me where people usually use the big size jeans. Not only that, but they also used id under their ass and their panties can see clearly. But this day, this fashion was rarely used because some of us have realized it is really weird.

2. Doubled-up Polo Shirt

Well, you may ever see before this second hideous fashion trends. I do not understand what the purpose of these people who use this kind of fashion. But we will agree if I said that this fashion trend sucks. Seeing a man using this double-up polo shirt makes them look like a flamboyant boy. Make sure you thinking twice if you want to try this fashion trend.

3. Crocs Sandals

We will agree if this kind of sandals has a comfortable side, no one will doubt that. But, if we try to look at this once more, we will see it looks weird. These sandals have a big size who cover almost of your feet like a shoe. The difference is it has that weird holes in the top of it. You can’t make a good outfit match if you use this sandal. Also, your feet will look bigger than your body, it just a little bit weird for me.

4. Gaucho Pants

These are other hideous fashion trends who comes from the old generation. You may ever see these pants before when you just little kids. However, it has a weird look, it has a lean cut on the top then getting bigger on the bottom. These pants will never match with any shoe you use and it will always look weird. Do not ever try to buy this kind of pants or you will regret it.

5. Platform Sandals

Well, this is the next weirdo sandals that still used until this day. I just can’t get the reason why people keep using high sandals. In case, sandals usually used for a comfortable purpose, not else. For some reason, maybe some girl will use it to look taller than actually. But, it has a high risk and your ankle maybe will get serious injuries.

Well, those are some of the hideous fashion trends in this whole world. Did you have the same argument with me or do you think it is good? It is just about a different taste between us and just take it easy. Make sure all the things you will use before, don’t try to follow every trend because it can be weird too.