Best Fashion Tricks To Look Slimmer You Should Try

fashion tricks to look slimmer

Every woman would want to always look beautiful and attractive. Therefore most women try to have a slim body. Although your body is not slim, there are some fashion tricks that make you have a beautiful body. Here are some fashion tricks to look slimmer.

1. Pointed Toe Shoes

Who would have thought if it were not only clothes that could give the illusion that makes your body look slimmer? In fact, shoes can also have that effect. These shoes are shoes that have pointed heels. Therefore these shoes will give the illusion that your legs are longer. That way, using shoes with pointed heels will make you look slim. 2. Dark Colored Jeans

If you want to use jeans, be sure to use dark-colored jeans like black or navy blue. These colors will give the illusion of your body looking slim. Different if you use jeans with bright colors like white. This will make your legs look fat.

3. Avoid Flat Shoes

Another fashion trick to make your body slim is not to use flat shoes. If you use these shoes, your feet will look short and make your body not look slim. You can combine skinny jeans with high heels that will make you look thinner.

4. Clothes with Thick Material

If you want to make your body lean, then you have to cover body folds. Absolutely the trick is to choose clothes with thick material. If you use clothing with the thin material, the original shape of your body will be clearly visible.

5. Use Clothes with the Right Size

You do not have to use clothing with a large size even if you use clothes with thick material. Your body will look slim if you don’t wear clothes that are too big or too small. Better to just wear clothes that fit your body.

6. Wear One Color Outfit

The next from the fashion tricks to look slimmer is to wear one-color clothing. This method is effective for making the illusion of your body look slimmer. Therefore, try to use one-color clothing.

7. Use the Right Accessories

Not just clothes, accessories can also make your body slimmer. The right accessories can distract people from the part of your body that you want to cover. These accessories include a bracelet to divert attention from the arm. You can also use a belt to divert attention from the waist.

8. Avoid Clothes with Horizontal Stripes

The next trick to making your body look slim is to avoid clothing with horizontal stripes. In fact, the horizontal line will make your body look wide. Therefore it would be better if you use clothes with vertical lines. Of Course, this motif will make the illusion of your body look slimmer.

9. Use Shapewear

The last trick you can do to make your body slim is to use shapewear. Shapewear in question is like a corset or bodysuit that will make your body look good. In addition, using a corset can relieve back pain that you experience due to fatigue.

Those are the 9 fashion tricks to look slimmer that you can do easily. Then, to look beautiful you don’t have to have a perfect body. Moreover, there are many ways to cover up your body shape to become slimmer.