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4 Ways How To Choose The Right Bra Size That Woman Should Consider

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how to choose the right bra size

Every woman has known about the feeling of wearing the wrong size of a shirt, including a bra. Having the wrong size of bra is very uncomfortable on whatever the kind of bra. Even we wear an expensive or good material of bra, it will be uncomfortable and get pain if we wear the wrong bra size. Therefore, choosing the right size of bra is very important. However, when we are choosing a bra in a store, it is impossible to try the bra in order to know whether we choose the right size or not. thus, we need special ways about how to choose the right bra size.

1. Knowing Your Band Size Clearly

In order to get the right size of bra, we need to know our band size clearly. By knowing the band size, we can determine the band size of our bra. How to check the band size? To measure your band size, you need a tape measure. Put the tape measure around your torso. Then, you should make sure that the tape measure is snug. After that, look at the number on the last point of the tape measure. If your band size is 32, it means that your bra size should be 36. If your band size is 33, it means your bra size is 38.

2. Measure Your Bust Size

After measuring the band size, the second step is by knowing your bust size. The way to measure the bust is almost the same as measuring the band size. You can use the tape measurement and put it around your chest, precisely at the top of your chest or nipple position. Then, you should look at the number at the tip.

3. Knowing Your Cup Size

The third way about how to choose the right bra size is by knowing your cup size. Every bra has a different cup with different sizes. Therefore, to get the right size of bra, we need to know our cup size to measure the right cup of the bra. We can know the cup size after measuring the size of the band and the bust. If your band size is 34 inches and the bust is 37 inches, thus the right cup size of your bra is 34C.

4. Look At Your Sideways In The Mirror While Buying The Bra

After determining your bra size but you are still worrying whether the size is right or wrong, you can look at your sideways in the mirror while buying the bra. The right bra size must fit between your shoulder and elbows. Looking at yourself correctly. However, if you are still confused, you may try the bra outside your shirt in the fitting room.

To sum up, whatever the material and the price of the bra, it can get pain or uncomfortable feeling while wearing if the bra is on the wrong size. Thus, we need to determine the right size before deciding to buy the bra. You may determine the size first before determining the design and the style. Therefore, follow these rules on how to choose the right bra size.


The Dirty Dancing Branded Online Slot

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Marked slots dependent on musicals have a preferred position. The sound measurement can be enacted to the fullest to add to the visuals. Filthy Dancing video slot from Playtech is an ideal model. You can play it at online gambling clubs like Omni Casino and Mansion Casino.

Grimy Dancing has become a clique film because of its explicitly interesting move successions that are being replicated on move floors much following 30 years. A measurement discharged by Playtech was this was the principal film to sell in excess of a million home recordings. The video slot stays consistent with the film and contains a large group of critical scenes and sound substance.

Johnny Castle played by Patrick Swayze is the wild image. It additionally grants the top line payout of 5000 coins. The Dirty Dancing logo is the dissipate image that grants payouts duplicated by the all out wager. Two different characters from the motion picture are the lucrative images. Frances Baby Houseman is enamored with Johnny and Penny is Johnny’s cherished companion. Since the film was set during the 1960s, there are various retro symbols like games vehicle, moving shoes, vinyl records and a compact radio. The low playing images are the playing card symbols structured from shining jewels.

Filthy Dancing video slot has various arbitrarily activated highlights in the fundamental game. In Whirling Wilds, Johnny and Baby move over the reels haphazardly going up to 6 images into wild. The Mambo highlight grants up to 35 free twists through a reward wheel. Different advantages can be a 2x multiplier for every single free turn and moving wild reels. At that point there is a staggered reward game on the subsequent screen activated by three gem images in succession. You pick boxes for Baby and win money prizes or things. In the event that you pick three things you advance to the following level. On the off chance that you arrive at the 6th level, at that point you will pick either the Johnny dynamic bonanza or the Baby dynamic big stake.

At the point when the slot game was discharged, James Frendo, agen judi Casino online Director of Playtech, stated, “Messy Dancing is such a famous brand, that it was an undeniable decision for us to change into a main marked slot. The game makes certain to be a moment hit with our licensees’ players both old and new.” The slot game was created under a concurrence with Lionsgate that holds the copyright for Dirty Dancing.


Men’s Formal Shirt Collar Types Every Man Should Know

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men's formal shirt collar types

Talking about fashion, usually, women know better than men. However, men should also know and be up to date with men’s fashion, especially the formal look. Men could ignore fashion but when it comes to a formal look, they should pay attention. They do not want to show up in a meeting or other formal occasion with the wrong outfit. One of the items that men should know is the men’s formal shirt collar types.

There are many kinds of men’s formal shirt collar type. Even though men could use any type on any occasion, but they should know the types. Who knows that one day, people would invite them to a special event that they have to use a specific dress shirt collar. Moreover, knowing it also could help them to know which types suites them best. So here are some of the types of formal shirt collar that men should know:

1. Buttondown Collar

The first type is the buttondown collar. It is a formal shirt collar that uses an extra small button on each point of the collar. Those buttons are for stylish and for a practical look. Moreover, it could also lock the tie around the neck so it does not move too much. This style was famous since the 1800s from England. In the past, academic boys usually use this style. But now all over the world use this style, especially in the suits and ties, look.

2. Tab Collar

Another men’s formal shirt collar types are the tab collar. This style would also use an extra button but underneath the most top button. The button would be slightly near the first button and also smaller. It would keep the collar flat and neat around the neck. Moreover, it would also neat the tie’s position as well. This collar type is perfect to give men a classy neat look. However, do not use this collar type without a tie. Otherwise, people would see the little extra button which they are not supposed to.

3. Eyelet Collar

The next formal collar type is the eyelet collar. For daily look, usually, men would not use this kind of look. But when they do, they would look sophisticated and classy at the same time. Eyelet collar is a type of collar that uses an extra accessory that is pinned on both the collar’s point. The extra accessories are formed in many shapes and colors. As for the accessories, sometimes it comes with or without the shirt.

4. Band Collar

The next men’s formal shirt collar type is the band collar. It is the simplest collar type that men could wear. However, it does give a less formal look. The collar is short with just a neckband. As for the collar’s points, well it does not have one. Moreover, with this type men would not need to use ties.

5. Straight Collar

The last type of collar that is most used and popular is the straight collar. Men could use it with or without a tie at work. Moreover, men could also use this collar for any events. Starting from weddings to work.

 So, those are the men’s formal shirt collar type that men should know. Try to recheck the wardrobe and see how many types of collars are in. Men might be surprised by how less they have.


Fashion Tricks To Look Taller In An Instant Way

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fashion tricks to look taller

When it comes to fashion, anything is possible whether you want to look slimmer or taller anything is possible. Usually, when choosing out some clothes people prefer to look for outfits that can make them seem taller. Because of this, it will make them look slimmer too normally. Well, this isn’t a problem because it is possible to make you look taller with what you wear. The fashion tricks to look taller are simple, easy and surely you will have the outfits too.

However, don’t get it wrong, people with petite bodies are as beautiful as they are. But there are just some times people want to look taller and look slimmer. Rather than having to do it in a medical way, why not try the easy way fashion. Just by wearing certain clothes and patterns, you can look taller than you usually are. So, for those who are wanting this too, here are some fashion tricks to look taller :

1. Vertical Patterns/Stripes

Who doesn’t love to wear stripes for their daily wear? Not only are they simple but they are suitable and will never get old by time. If you are one of those people who love stripes, then it is better to choose vertical stripes. Vertical stripes run from the top to the bottom, so it goes along with your body making you look taller.

2. High-Waist Jeans

Wearing a pair of jeans will also never go wrong and is always comfortable. Fashion tricks to look taller by wearing jeans is using high waist jeans. As its name, you will wear it from around the waist. The waist is the smallest part of the stomach, so automatically you will look slimmer. The length of the jeans from the waist to the bottom is longer than normal jeans. Therefore, for a moment this can make people look taller compared to wearing normal jeans.

3. Tall Boots

Shoes can also play an important part in your height. Not only heels that can make you look taller but also tall long boots. Make sure the boots are long enough to close your knees and even better if they are above the knees. If you are not confident enough to wear boots this long then try ankle boots instead.

4. Tuck in Your Shirts

One of the fashion tricks to look taller is by tucking your shirt in. By doing this you are showing your body more and this can help make people look taller. Petite girls are preferred not to wear something oversize as it can make them look smaller. However, it doesn’t mean wiring tight clothes either because it is not recommended.

5. Wear One Color

Not many people know this trick but wearing one color for the shirt and pants can actually make you look taller. Try matching your outfit with the same color however it doesn’t have to be totally the same. And don’t get this wrong by wearing all accessories the same color too.

See how these fashion tricks to look taller are easy and simple? Like everyone can do it because the equipment and clothing are easy to get and find. Bet most of you even already have these clothes in your closet right now. So, don’t worry with fashion i


Fashion Tips On How To Hide Big Bust You Should Know

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how to hide big bust

Having a big bust is the dream of women.  But sometimes some women feel uncomfortable, and interfere with the appearance.  Having large breasts becomes the center of attention of men, when in public places.  So, what’s the solution? Learn the following tips on how to hide big bust, namely:

1. Wear Loose Clothes

The first tip on how to hide big bust is to wear loose clothes.  Loose clothing will not shape the body that can attract the attention of men.  Loose clothes will also make you more free to move.

Wearing loose clothes will disguise the size of your breasts.  You will not feel uncomfortable anymore in public places. Loose-sized clothes can also make you look slim for the fat body, and look filled for the thin body.

2. Using a bra that does not use foam

The second tip is you can try not to wear a bra that uses foam.  Because this type of bra will make your breasts look even bigger.

Wear a bra that fits the size.  Not too big, nor too small. You will not feel tight due to a small brasier or feel uncomfortable because of an oversized bra.  Therefore, using a bra that fits your size can make you more flexible.

3. Wearing a Scarf

If the first and second tips have been run, then you can try the third tips by using a scarf. A scarf will make your appearance look fashionable besides being one of how to hide big bust.

Scarf motifs are very diverse that can adjust to your taste.  So having a lot of scarves can add to your fashion collection to mix and match with your clothing collection. Besides, it can function to disguise your big bust.

4. Do not Use Clothes made from T-shirt

Clothing made from T-shirts will make your body look visible.  Therefore, for those of you who want to disguise your big bust.  Try not to use this type of clothing.

If you are forced to wear clothes made from T-shirts, both for work or not.  Try to use a shirt with a larger size, that does not fit in the body.  And try to wear Inner, to disguise the size of your bust. Thus you do not need to worry about the size of your bust

5. Do not Wear Accessories around the Chest.

How to hide big bust is to not use excessive accessories around the chest.  For example using necklaces, brooches, pin, stones that adorn the clothes around the chest.  This can attract more attention to the size of your bust.

Wearing excessive accessories can invite attention to the area around the chest.  Excessive accessories can also make you look fatter and older.  This one thing women always avoid.  Women always want to look slim and stay young.  Therefore, you must know the rules of using fashion, which is one way to hide the big bust.  Use appropriate accessories, with a simple shape around the chest.  So you can still cover up the shortcomings and still look fashionable.

Those are some appropriate tips as a way how to hide big bust.  Hopefully, these tips can help those of you who are confused to cover these shortcomings.


Best Fashion Tricks To Look Slimmer You Should Try

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fashion tricks to look slimmer

Every woman would want to always look beautiful and attractive. Therefore most women try to have a slim body. Although your body is not slim, there are some fashion tricks that make you have a beautiful body. Here are some fashion tricks to look slimmer.

1. Pointed Toe Shoes

Who would have thought if it were not only clothes that could give the illusion that makes your body look slimmer? In fact, shoes can also have that effect. These shoes are shoes that have pointed heels. Therefore these shoes will give the illusion that your legs are longer. That way, using shoes with pointed heels will make you look slim. 2. Dark Colored Jeans

If you want to use jeans, be sure to use dark-colored jeans like black or navy blue. These colors will give the illusion of your body looking slim. Different if you use jeans with bright colors like white. This will make your legs look fat.

3. Avoid Flat Shoes

Another fashion trick to make your body slim is not to use flat shoes. If you use these shoes, your feet will look short and make your body not look slim. You can combine skinny jeans with high heels that will make you look thinner.

4. Clothes with Thick Material

If you want to make your body lean, then you have to cover body folds. Absolutely the trick is to choose clothes with thick material. If you use clothing with the thin material, the original shape of your body will be clearly visible.

5. Use Clothes with the Right Size

You do not have to use clothing with a large size even if you use clothes with thick material. Your body will look slim if you don’t wear clothes that are too big or too small. Better to just wear clothes that fit your body.

6. Wear One Color Outfit

The next from the fashion tricks to look slimmer is to wear one-color clothing. This method is effective for making the illusion of your body look slimmer. Therefore, try to use one-color clothing.

7. Use the Right Accessories

Not just clothes, accessories can also make your body slimmer. The right accessories can distract people from the part of your body that you want to cover. These accessories include a bracelet to divert attention from the arm. You can also use a belt to divert attention from the waist.

8. Avoid Clothes with Horizontal Stripes

The next trick to making your body look slim is to avoid clothing with horizontal stripes. In fact, the horizontal line will make your body look wide. Therefore it would be better if you use clothes with vertical lines. Of Course, this motif will make the illusion of your body look slimmer.

9. Use Shapewear

The last trick you can do to make your body slim is to use shapewear. Shapewear in question is like a corset or bodysuit that will make your body look good. In addition, using a corset can relieve back pain that you experience due to fatigue.

Those are the 9 fashion tricks to look slimmer that you can do easily. Then, to look beautiful you don’t have to have a perfect body. Moreover, there are many ways to cover up your body shape to become slimmer.


Things To Understand About Unisex Fashion Before Buying

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Things to understand about unisex fashion

In the past, clothing is the identity of a person. Not only on the colors and the outfit type but also on the styling as well. However, as times go by, fashion as growth and create unisex fashion. Even though it has become a common thing, there are still things to understand about unisex fashion especially before buying. It is anticipation so that people do not buy and use the wrong outfit.

Women in the past should use dresses with feminist colors such as baby pink, purple or floral patterns. As for men, they could use pants and ties, with neutral colors such as grey, navy blue, and others. When taking about unisex fashion, it does not mean that men could use dresses in their daily outfit. Unisex fashion is about the outfit that could be used by both men and women without violating nature. However, men could still use pink clothes as same as women could use blue colors. Here are some things to understand about unisex fashion before buying.

1. The Outfit Model

Unisex fashion is about outfit models that could be used whether for women and men. Not talking about dresses that could be used by men. But instead, it is about clothes that the model is the same for women and men. Usually, these kinds of clothes would use a general size and cutting style. The examples of the outfits are t-shirt, pants, jeans, shirts, polos, suits, and others. The great thing about using unisex clothes is that couples or siblings could share the same outfit with each other.

2. The Color of the Clothes

The next things to understand about unisex are the choice and use of colors. In the past, soft cute colors such as pink, rose gold, and purple is identic with women. While for men are blue, black, and gray. But those are old fashion. Nowadays, not only for unisex fashion, people could use any colors they want. Moreover, women nowadays often use dark colors as well.

3. Unisex Footwear

Fashion is not only about the outfits, but also about the footwear as well. There is much unisex footwear now that are available. What makes it different is the foot size between men and women. Which men usually have bigger sizes. Unisex footwears are usually sneakers, sandals, slippers, and others. Unisex footwears are in several models. Starting from sporty, casual, and more.

4. Accessories

The other things to understand about unisex are the accessories. While people taught that accessories are about items for women, nowadays there are accessories that are for both genders. For example, there are now many kinds of necklaces and bracelets that men could wear. What makes it unisex is because of the model and the material. Moreover, hats, belt, tie, and others are also accessories that both genders could use.

5. Hairstyles

Still in unisex fashion, hairstyles are now a fashion that men and women take care of. While more men now have long hairs, not a little woman has short hairs with a sporty or masculine style. Moreover, now there are a lot of men hairstylist that specialize in women’s style.

The things to understand about unisex fashion are not about using clothes that are made for another gender. Whereas it is about clothes that are specially made for both genders. However, there are also some models that now that women could wear men’s models and the opposite.


The Best Fashion Rules For Leather Jacket That Will Make You Be More Stylist

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fashion rules for leather jacket

There are lots of jacket types that can be used. The leather jacket becomes one of the popular jackets that often used. Not only stylish, but the leather jacket also will protect your body from the dust on the road. You can use a leather jacket not only to ride a motorcycle but also drive a car. But, lots of people who look weird with their leather jacket. Lots of them don’t know the fashion rules for leather jacket. So, before you decide to use the leather jacket, make sure you know these fashion rules, right?

Do many people call you a boring person with your leather jacket? It’s normal because lots of people think that a leather jacket is only for an old person. It is usually used at the end of the 80’s century, right? But, if you are leather jacket lovers, make sure you change that mindset. There are so many fashion rules that you can try to wear a leather jacket. It will make you look more stylish in public. Let’s try one of them below.

1. Scarf ft. Leather Jacket

Do you often use a scarf in your daily activity? Or are you one of the scarf lovers? The leather jacket will be one of the rights combined for you. Have you know that you will look pretty when using a leather jacket with your scarf. You can also combine it with blue or black jeans. In addition, you can use this outfit to college or office when winter, right?

2. Embellishments in Your Leather Jacket

There are many people who like to use embellishment when going out. They will feel more confident with their embellishment. On the other hand, they afraid when using a leather jacket. Lots of people things that using the leather jacket is an ancient person. So, it is why embellishments lovers afraid to use this jacket. Well, the leather jacket also can combine with embellishment. If you see Europe stylish, you will find lots of leather jackets with embellishment. It also the right fashion rules for leather jacket that you can try.

3. Waterfall Leather Jacket

Have you heard a waterfall style before? This style not only can apply to dress but also to a leather jacket. Have you know there are lots of waterfall leather jacket that you can try. This leather jacket will make you look more stylish. You can use it to hang out together you’re your friends, right?

4. Combine Leather Jacket with Floral Dress

In the spring, lots of people like to wear a floral dress, right? Lots of women also often wear this dress to go to the office. Have you known that a floral dress also can be combined with a floral dress? You will look more elegant when you combine this. Prove it now.

5. Hoodie Top with Leather Jacket

Are you a simple person who likes a hoodie top? You probably a little bit confused about how to combine your hoodie top. Well, you can combine your hoodie top with a leather jacket. You will look gorgeous when you combine the leather jacket with a hoodie top. Have you ever try this one?

As leather jacket lovers, you have to know the fashion rules for leather jacket, right? Therefore, you might try that suggestion above. But, the most important thing when using a leather jacket is always paid attention to the color. Make sure that the color is suitable for your body’s skin.


How To Dress For Clubbing- The Way To Look Good In Every Outfit

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how to dress for clubbing

One of the best ways to vent out your stress from work is by going to the club. There, you can forget all of your problems at the moment and enjoying the music through your body. However, when going to clubbing you still need to pay attention to how you dress. Though you don’t need to reveal your skin too much, it’s still different from the way you dress in daily life. That’s why you need to understand how to dress for clubbing. So, you will not embarrass yourself, moreover, if it’s your first time.

1. Make The Best Hairstyle

The beginning step on how to dress for clubbing starts for the hair. After all, you don’t want your hair to look messy, do you? You can change the way to do your usual hair. Be it ponytail or curl or even braid. The main point is to make your hair healthy and shiny.

When going to clubbing, you will spend a lot of time there, thus you need to apply a frizz product to it. This has to do to keep your hair looks good throughout the time in such humidity. Also, don’t forget to do your make up after the hair.

2. Choose Your Favorite Outfit

After you set your hair and do the makeup, next is to choose the outfit. What’s the best outfit for clubbing? The answer is up to you. Whether it is the outfit that reveals your skin a bit or the outfit that doesn’t show your skin. If you want to show a little bit of your skin, you can wear a body-hugging dress. Choose the dark color if you can the black one, so you can appeal your body shape. As for the shoes, you can wear lace-up shoes to match the dress best.

However, if you choose to not revealing too much, skin-tight pants are the right choice. To match the pants, wear a bodysuit that’s not too much revealing. With this outfit, you will look sexy even when you’re not revealing too much. Wedges will make everything perfect for clubbing.

3. Accessories For Better Looks

You may think you’re good enough with some sexy dress. But, that’s a naive thought. Even if your dress is sexy or beautiful enough, without accessories you will look very plain. That’s why you should wear some accessories. There are many choices for accessories.

A necklace will look good on you, moreover, if you wear a dress that reveals your neck and cleavage. You can also wear a bracelet. But don’t wear a multi-layer of bracelets or necklaces as it will make you look like wear a costume.

4. Carry a Small Bag

A club is a crowded place, so carry a big bag is not a good idea. And not carry one is also a bad idea as you need to bring your makeup, wallet or phone. Then, carrying a small purse can be an alternative idea. You can bring all of your things in it without problems. It also looks good with your outfit.

Clubbing is the activity where you can let go of all of your life pressure. You can also enjoy yourself with becoming the center of attention in the club. To do that, you have to know how to dress for clubbing.


Rules Wearing Denim Jackets For Daily Use

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rules wearing denim jackets

Whether for a boy, girl, woman or man, everyone should have a denim jacket in their wardrobe. A denim jacket is a must-have outfit that everyone should have. Not only because it gives a great look, but it is also a flexible outfit. People could use it for many kinds of occasions. They could mix and match easily with denim jackets, whenever for men or women. Moreover, there are not too many rules wearing denim jackets.

rules wearing denim jackets

Since the past 140 years ago, the denim jacket has been a popular style. And it is still popular until these days. In the past, the outfit was only used for men only. However, as time by it has also become an outfit for women as well. Using denim jackets sometimes could be tricky, especially when using jeans with it. Here are some rules wearing denim jackets for daily use.

1. The Double Jeans Wears

People often say that it is a big no for using an upper and bottom with using jeans. However, even though using denim jackets, people could still use bottom jeans. And yes, it is still stylish yet not too much to wear. The key is not to wear the same color as the denim jackets. When using a light color denim jacket, combine it with using a dark denim bottom. And also, the opposite of it. The rules wearing denim jackets for daily use are to use different colors for the top and bottom.

2. Other Bottoms Wear

However, using jeans while wearing denim jackets is not the only option. People could also use other bottoms. Starting from joggers, fabric bottoms, and even short pants. Moreover, for women, they could also combine it with dress pants and skirts as well. With wearing denim jackets, women could still appear girly of feminism.

3. What to Wear Inside

People should still need to use an upper cloth before using a denim jacket. There are many things that people could use. The cloth should be comfortable and if could, thin because the denim jacket is already quite thick. One of the best things to use is a t-shirt. With any colors, it would just fit fine. Another thing to use is short or long sleeves as well. As for women they could also use a tank top. However, for a formal look, it is better to use some polos and button-down shirts.

4. Places Where to Use Denim Jackets

People would likely use denim jackets for casual events. However, people could also use it for pre-formal occasions as well. Denim jacket could be a great outfit option for both casual and pre-formal events. For example, going to the library, to a coworking space, and more. As for more serious events such as the court or weddings, avoid using denim jackets.

5. Footwear and Accessories

The next rules wearing denim jackets are about footwear and accessories. For footwear, people could use anything, starting from casual shoes, relaxing sandals, and even heels. As for the accessories, men and women could also use anything. However, do not use accessories that have the same color as the denim jacket.

Using denim jackets are not only easy to mix and match, but it is also comfortable. Moreover, people could use it for many events as well. However, keep pay attention because there are still some rules wearing denim jackets.