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The Best Fashion Rules For Leather Jacket That Will Make You Be More Stylist

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fashion rules for leather jacket

There are lots of jacket types that can be used. The leather jacket becomes one of the popular jackets that often used. Not only stylish, but the leather jacket also will protect your body from the dust on the road. You can use a leather jacket not only to ride a motorcycle but also drive a car. But, lots of people who look weird with their leather jacket. Lots of them don’t know the fashion rules for leather jacket. So, before you decide to use the leather jacket, make sure you know these fashion rules, right?

Do many people call you a boring person with your leather jacket? It’s normal because lots of people think that a leather jacket is only for an old person. It is usually used at the end of the 80’s century, right? But, if you are leather jacket lovers, make sure you change that mindset. There are so many fashion rules that you can try to wear a leather jacket. It will make you look more stylish in public. Let’s try one of them below.

1. Scarf ft. Leather Jacket

Do you often use a scarf in your daily activity? Or are you one of the scarf lovers? The leather jacket will be one of the rights combined for you. Have you know that you will look pretty when using a leather jacket with your scarf. You can also combine it with blue or black jeans. In addition, you can use this outfit to college or office when winter, right?

2. Embellishments in Your Leather Jacket

There are many people who like to use embellishment when going out. They will feel more confident with their embellishment. On the other hand, they afraid when using a leather jacket. Lots of people things that using the leather jacket is an ancient person. So, it is why embellishments lovers afraid to use this jacket. Well, the leather jacket also can combine with embellishment. If you see Europe stylish, you will find lots of leather jackets with embellishment. It also the right fashion rules for leather jacket that you can try.

3. Waterfall Leather Jacket

Have you heard a waterfall style before? This style not only can apply to dress but also to a leather jacket. Have you know there are lots of waterfall leather jacket that you can try. This leather jacket will make you look more stylish. You can use it to hang out together you’re your friends, right?

4. Combine Leather Jacket with Floral Dress

In the spring, lots of people like to wear a floral dress, right? Lots of women also often wear this dress to go to the office. Have you known that a floral dress also can be combined with a floral dress? You will look more elegant when you combine this. Prove it now.

5. Hoodie Top with Leather Jacket

Are you a simple person who likes a hoodie top? You probably a little bit confused about how to combine your hoodie top. Well, you can combine your hoodie top with a leather jacket. You will look gorgeous when you combine the leather jacket with a hoodie top. Have you ever try this one?

As leather jacket lovers, you have to know the fashion rules for leather jacket, right? Therefore, you might try that suggestion above. But, the most important thing when using a leather jacket is always paid attention to the color. Make sure that the color is suitable for your body’s skin.