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Rules Wearing Denim Jackets For Daily Use

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rules wearing denim jackets

Whether for a boy, girl, woman or man, everyone should have a denim jacket in their wardrobe. A denim jacket is a must-have outfit that everyone should have. Not only because it gives a great look, but it is also a flexible outfit. People could use it for many kinds of occasions. They could mix and match easily with denim jackets, whenever for men or women. Moreover, there are not too many rules wearing denim jackets.

rules wearing denim jackets

Since the past 140 years ago, the denim jacket has been a popular style. And it is still popular until these days. In the past, the outfit was only used for men only. However, as time by it has also become an outfit for women as well. Using denim jackets sometimes could be tricky, especially when using jeans with it. Here are some rules wearing denim jackets for daily use.

1. The Double Jeans Wears

People often say that it is a big no for using an upper and bottom with using jeans. However, even though using denim jackets, people could still use bottom jeans. And yes, it is still stylish yet not too much to wear. The key is not to wear the same color as the denim jackets. When using a light color denim jacket, combine it with using a dark denim bottom. And also, the opposite of it. The rules wearing denim jackets for daily use are to use different colors for the top and bottom.

2. Other Bottoms Wear

However, using jeans while wearing denim jackets is not the only option. People could also use other bottoms. Starting from joggers, fabric bottoms, and even short pants. Moreover, for women, they could also combine it with dress pants and skirts as well. With wearing denim jackets, women could still appear girly of feminism.

3. What to Wear Inside

People should still need to use an upper cloth before using a denim jacket. There are many things that people could use. The cloth should be comfortable and if could, thin because the denim jacket is already quite thick. One of the best things to use is a t-shirt. With any colors, it would just fit fine. Another thing to use is short or long sleeves as well. As for women they could also use a tank top. However, for a formal look, it is better to use some polos and button-down shirts.

4. Places Where to Use Denim Jackets

People would likely use denim jackets for casual events. However, people could also use it for pre-formal occasions as well. Denim jacket could be a great outfit option for both casual and pre-formal events. For example, going to the library, to a coworking space, and more. As for more serious events such as the court or weddings, avoid using denim jackets.

5. Footwear and Accessories

The next rules wearing denim jackets are about footwear and accessories. For footwear, people could use anything, starting from casual shoes, relaxing sandals, and even heels. As for the accessories, men and women could also use anything. However, do not use accessories that have the same color as the denim jacket.

Using denim jackets are not only easy to mix and match, but it is also comfortable. Moreover, people could use it for many events as well. However, keep pay attention because there are still some rules wearing denim jackets.