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Basic Fashion Rules For Guys: Important Style That Man Should Know

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basic fashion rules for guys

Having a good style and fashion is an almost important aspect for a man. Men need to give their best appearance and style in all the moments they have. Fashionable seems simple but it is very required to have. In fact, fashionable doesn’t mean we should wear expensive clothes or accessories. On the other hand, fashionable man means larger than we think. it determines how the way we wear certain clothes based on the rules. It means, we need to apply the right style and fashion to get fashionable. The following paragraph will show you basic fashion rules for guys.

basic fashion rules for guys

1. The Rules Of The Right Tie

Not all men wear a tie, but some of them wear it. Therefore, if you are a man who always wears a tie every day, you need to consider this rule. When you made your tie, please tie it as well as you can base on the right position. Don’t tie it with random style or wrong tie. Before preparing yourself with a tie, you must learn the right tie. Thus, you will ready to go around whatever the place both formal and informal events.

2. The Rules Of Wearing Clothes

Every man has his own size of clothes. What you need to consider while choosing the cloth is to understand your body shape and size. Don’t follow other people‘s style by the wrong sizes of your body. The two points that you need to fit while choosing the cloth is the sleeve and neck. Find the cloth that shows your Adam’s apple and 90-degree side from your center of back neck.

3 The Rules Of Wearing Jacket

While having a casual look, the man usually chooses to wear a jacket and cloth. But, you might not wear a random style of jacket and cloth. The first trick to choose the right jacket is to consider the size. Choose the jacket which covers all the part of your shoulders. The shoulder is the most beautiful part of the man’s body. Therefore, you need to make it eye-catching. Moreover, choose the one which makes you slight to move. Do not try to use something that makes it difficult to move in any kind of movement.

4. The Rules Of Wearing The Pants

The next basic fashion rules for guys are about the pants. All men always uses pants in all styles in every day. Therefore, the pant is an important aspect that the man should consider. An important side of pants is also the size. Choose the right size that will snug your foot but not tight. The tight pants will disturb you to conduct many activities. Moreover, you must consider your backside.

5. Adding Some Accessories To Increase Your Style

Except for woman, the man also needs to wear the accessories to increase the performance. However, the accessories between women and men are totally different.  If women commonly use jewelry as accessories, the man commonly uses watch as accessories.  Thus, the man needs to choose a suitable watch with inline color with the cloth they wear.

Based on the explanation above, basic fashion rules for guys is very needed to know. The man should understand well their style and choose the right cloth. Therefore, man can increase their appearance and become fashionable.