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The Rules Color For Suit at Wedding For The Groom

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rules color for suit at wedding

A man should dress up as best as possible on their big day. There are several options that men could use on their wedding day. Starting from traditional cloth, a tuxedo, and also a part of suits. Men should also pay attention to the details of their outfit, especially when they wear suits. One of the things that they should pay attention to is the color of the suits. There are rules color for suit at wedding for the groom. Moreover, not all of the suits must have the same color as the bride’s gown.

rules color for suit at wedding

Choosing a different color from the bride’s gown is not a bad thing. Instead, it could be a great blending color. As long as it has the same color pallet as the wedding. The color should also use the color that makes the groom dashing and manly, but still romantic for the wedding. Here is some rules color for suit at wedding that a groom could use.

1. The Casual Grey Suit

Grey is a perfect color to use for the groom on their wedding day. Moreover, it is suitable for a wedding outdoor or indoor. There are many kinds of greys that a man could choose. As for the best options, there are light grey or a grey suit. For a formal wedding party, choose a darker color. While for a casual wedding party, a light grey is a perfect option.

2. The Fresh Charcoal Color Suit

The next rules colors for suit at wedding are using the charcoal colors. This is a great color option to choose from using the black color. Moreover, with the charcoal color, it gives a fresh look to the groom. The charcoal color also allows the groom to add texture to the outfit. The color and texture would make the groom outstanding on the stage and in the middle of the guest crowd.

3. The Sophisticated Navy Color

Another dark color that a man could use for their suit is navy. Navy is just one of the best colors to use. Not only for the groom’s suit but also for the bride’s gown and the decorations as well. Navy gives a sophisticated look to those who use it. Moreover, this color suits well for any kind of situation. Starting from a wedding that is held at noon or night.

4. The Cool Tan Suit Color

The rules color for suit at wedding does not always have to be a dark color. Men could also choose a light color for their suits. Rather than using white, the tan suit color is the best option. However, this color is suitable for casual wedding events.

5. The Classic Black Suit

Black is the “never-wrong” color, including for the groom’s suit on their wedding day. Whatever the bride’s gown color and the wedding decoration color is, a black suit fits well in any condition. However, try to avoid using black when it is outdoor, especially in hot weather. The black color would heat up the groom’s body temperature.

As a conclusion, the rules color for suit at wedding is all about using a neutral color. Unlikely the bride who could use any kind of color. Make sure the colors of the groom and the bride blends and fit well together.