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Fashion Rule About Wearing White That You Should Know

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fashion rule about wearing white

Fashion is larger than we think. Fashion has its own rule to wear. Even sometimes, people do not really consider what they wear or what the fashion is, the rule of fashion is still important to know. Logically, if someone wears clothes out of the fashion rule, they will have a bad appearance. Therefore, we need to know about the fashion rule in order to get the best look including the color chosen such as white. In the following paragraph are the elaborations of fashion rule about wearing white.

fashion rule about wearing white

1. Do Not Try to Wear White Colored Dress for Attending Wedding’s Party

The white color is a special color used for special events such as weddings. Even white color is usually used for a wedding. It is just a special rule for the bride. Except for the bride, we must not wear a white-colored dress. It is the common rule that exists among fashionista and society. Therefore, we should be careful to consider our dress when attending the wedding party or wedding ceremony.

2. White Dress Or Cloth Along The Warm Climate

If you still wondering why we should know the fashion rule about wearing white, you must imagine the following condition. The warm climate can bat an eye, then, imagine if someone wears a strong color in front of your eye. To fix those kinds of problems, we need to wear something suitable and relaxing our eyes in the summertime such as wearing white cloth. The white dress or white cloth will safe and doesn’t bat your eyes again in summer. Moreover, the white color dress will give a cooling sensation along with your summer.

3. Avoid White Dress along the Winter

If it is recommended to use a white dress or cloth in the summer, then it is unusual to wear white in winter. Even it seems strange, the white color along the winter will make you cooler in the winter. Even there is a quotation about winter white, wearing white color in winter is not safe for you from cool. You can wear another color which is also suitable to use such as cream, light brown, and beige color.

4. Deciding The Suitable Shoe Color

The combination of cloth and shoes must be inline enough. Therefore, if you decide to wear a white dress or white cloth, you mustn’t use black color. the brown color or light brown is more suitable than black. Black shoes and the white dress doesn’t seem inline. On the other hand, both of them are inversely proportionate. Therefore, we need to choose the right shoes and match them with our dress or cloth.

To sum up, knowing the fashion rule about wearing white is almost important. However, you don’t need to know all the rules but it is enough to know just the basic rule which helps you to have a better fashion style than before. Try to increase your fashion style and also increase your confidence. Fashion may not the most important thing, but your appearance is important.